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Once the designs are finalized and available for purchase, they will come with all instructions for assembly, a materials list and suggested suppliers (we are not affiliated with any suppliers at this time). These are the first in a range of designs using the CTL and CCL technology.


Blue CTL10 - Devizes - WiltshireCTL10 – Compact transmission line design using a single 10 inch neo Eminence driver. It has a forward vent which caters for the lower reflex response and also the termination for the higher quarter wave resonance so that the cone is controlled over a wide frequency range.

This bass guitar speaker will hang with a rock drummer at practices no problem and very suitable for Jazz and pop bassists even at smaller gigs. The speaker is a passive design but we have incorporated an option of sliding in a GK MB200 amplifier in the rear to make the system active for a small increase in depth and weight. The design is capable of controlling speaker movements down to a low B on a 5 string although it is currently optimized for 4 string basses.

Very easy to build using 9mm plywood which offers stiffness and low weight. The folded interior is not difficult to construct and offers additional bracing to all the sides. We finished ours in a carpeted black material and plastic corner pieces and hexagonal metal grille for toughness but the custom finish is your choice!

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Type: CTL design with front vent.

Suggested speaker: Eminence Delta lite 10 neo with optional tweeter.

Cabinet construction: 9mm plywood, screwed and glued.

Sensitivity: 97 dB/W

Usable frequency response: 35 Hz to 5kHz / (20 kHz with tweeter)

Power Handling: 250W RMS

Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal

Suggested Amplifier: GK MB200 super lightweight amp, up to 200W output

Dimensions: 290mm wide, 330mm high and 300 (to 350) mm deep.

Weight: 5.5 Kgs passive or 7 Kgs with MB200 amplifier installed.


CCL8 - Portable Speaker Design - Devizes - WiltshireCCL8 – The first prototype of the Compact Cardioid Line design. This ultra small speaker uses an 8 inch B&C driver which offers punch and good sensitivity whilst being ultra smooth in response in this design. It uses a time delayed (via internal tuned resistive porting) passive radiator for low frequency support and to improve forward projection of low frequencies.

The improved forward projection of the low frequencies assists in preventing unwanted bass on stage and for home use, reduced room mode excitation (so the neighbours don’t get so upset!). Suitable for bass guitar or kick drum support or simply practice.

This speaker is very easy to build, inexpensive, one of the lightest speakers on the market for bass guitar and perfect for practice and small boutique gigs. We finished ours in a black textured classic vinyl with plastic corner pieces and hexagonal metal grilles front and back for toughness.

We went further with our prototype and made it optionally active using internal batteries and a 40watt amplifier. By the flick of a switch this passive speaker becomes the perfect “Busker Amp” using the same Speakon/Jack connection. The first public design will be passive but an active option will be available soon when it is optimized and can be retro fitted with no change in dimensions.


Type: CCL design with rear passive radiator.

Suggested speaker: B&C 8NDL51 neo driver

Cabinet construction: 12mm MDF, screwed and glued.

Sensitivity: 94 dB/W

Usable frequency response: 40 Hz to 6 kHz

Power Handling: 200W RMS

Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal

Suggested Amplifier: Internal 12 to 24v amplifier, approximately 40W RMS

Dimensions: 260mm wide, 260mm high and 340 mm deep.

Weight: 5 Kgs passive, (approximately 6.5 kgs active)

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