Generating Low Frequencies

Generating deep bass, and generating it loud enough is often an issue for people no matter what your room size or environment. It is the low frequencies which interact with boundaries more than any other and excite room modes due to the dimensions of your room creating boom in the bass on some notes known as “reinforcement peak” and hardly any sound pressure at others known as a cancellation or “dip”. In an outdoor setting, they are also the one part of the sound spectrum which wants to go in all directions (omnidirectional spreading) compared to mids and highs which are far more directional.

The space you have to broadcast your sound and the desired volume level tend to dominate the design but when it comes to going really deep, things get much more difficult to create the desired sound pressures. This is one of the reasons why good full bandwidth hi fi speakers actually go much deeper than clubs and event PA systems. Most of these are cut below 35 to 40 Hz to save power and concentrate on the frequencies that really matter.

No matter whether you want Hi Fi speakers or home cinema subwoofers, Pro audio cabs or to amplify your bass guitar or drums at a gig, there is a bespoke solution which is to allow enough flexibility in the sound your speakers create so they can be adapted to your environment. LFS has fine tuned the design of the speakers for these different applications so you get the bass you need in your environment.

Below are links to the most relevant pages for your interest. Please note that many of our pages are still under construction so please check back regularly for updates. These describe the designs which we currently offer.

Pro-Audio Bass Guitar and Drum cab

If you want to practice at home or gig, these offer the punch and speaker control for the high levels peaks you will be generating. Click here for more information on the current designs. (Options for creating active and battery powered versions of these speakers will also come soon).

PA speakers and Subwoofers

These are currently in the design phase for a local business and will be prototyped soon. Updates will be released shortly.

Hi Fi Speakers

Currently in the design phase from small stand mounts to reference floor standers.

Custom cabinets

Need a customised solution?, click here to contact us about your needs and how consultancy could help.

All our cabinets use CTL and CCL technology to maximise the output for a given cabinet size and reduce distortion. Contact us to understand more about our technology and why it is superior to most other designs out there.

The ranges will initially be available as detailed designs for home assembly only for private customers. If you are a business wanting to take any of these designs forward, please contact us click here and we may be able to grant you a licence.